Have you ever come across something in the woods that makes you stop and think, "Wow..How in the world?" As your mind tries to solve the puzzle. I have and this is the reason for this blog. I am fascinated by some of the structures I have come across while seeking out answers to the age old question, "Do Sasquatch exist?"

In the past few years I have heard and seen some strange things while venturing deep into the woods which only adds to my curiosity and fuels my need to learn more.

Just for the record...I am not saying that every weird or unexplained structure out there is evidence that bigfoot exist. But if they do exist and they are creating some of these structures, it provides an interesting look into their behavior. In this blog I will be sharing photos of structures that I have come across and have found interesting. I invite you to share photos of your own and comments.

Posted photographs

I welcome comments from followers or readers regarding any post or photograph. The whole reason for this blog is to get outside views and theories. To send photos use the email address provided in the "About me" section.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cool Fall Hike

Yesterday I met up with a friend from FB.  She and I went back to a location in WI where I had taken quite a few pictures of a large structure that looked like a shelter back in 2010.   The skeletal remains of the structure still stand, although not as big of a WOW factor, it was still pretty hard to explain.

We walked through the woodline following the trail and actually found a lot more interesting structures.  Of course though we are not experts and do try to hold some amount of skepticism when we view these. As well as trying to figure out if nature could have created it.  There were some that were a little hard to say "Yep, nature did it."   Although we could not rule out the human aspect, but really, why would a human make these?   Well, I guess one would if they were practical jokers. If that is the case and there are people out there creating stick structures to fool others... Shame on you!!

Anyways,  I have to go through the photos and see if they are good enough to post.  Taking photos of tree structures is pretty hard because you really can't get all the detail from seeing it in person onto a small photo.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bear Buttock

Canada trapper:  Bigfoot photo?  Obtained from who forted

I have to say that this doesn't even resemble a bigfoot.  I actually have a better perspective that I will share.

Give this bear some dark fur and add a cub or another bear and BAZINGA!!! .... Uncanny isn't it?

*sigh*   The person who took photo in question would have had to have known the animal was a bear or bears.   It really is a shame that those of us who want to take this field seriously are continuously having to sift through stuff like this.  I really found no joy when searching the term "bear buttock" into Google image search.  Apparently "bear buttock" is another term for "bare ass". 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WI Hunters take Caution

Cougar caught on cam WI-  Hunters beware!

                                           Rusk County WI  November 8 2011

                                          Jackson County WI October 20th 2011

                                          Juneau County WI  October 16 2011